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NIKE Neymar released a new “OUSADIA ALEGRIA” exclusive series of soccer shoes: Neymar new “Ousadia Alegria” soccer shoes is a manifestation of the athletes life credo, the two words in the name of the shoes is also Neymar tattooed on his leg . Ousadia Alegria and meaning are “brave” and “Joy”, which defines both the Nei Maer style of football, but also a symbol of his personal charm. I ‘Alegria’ and the joy of life as well as my favorite football bring me joy combined, ‘Ousadia’ means the courage to challenge others unexpected new things. “Neymar said the famous Brazilian artist and designer Bruno? Carneiro? Mosey Yarrow is the shoe vamp vibrant pattern creator, he Bruno Big name well known.” I created two different images, representing the ‘Ousadia’ and ‘Alegria’, “he said,” one of which is the ‘heart’, the other ‘hand’, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintent with an image of the design instead of the direct transmission of information, this is also the creation of the more interesting places. “Bruno Big originality of art are displayed in the entire upper, the shoes package.” When you spend some time to look at these shoes, although two look like the same, but they are actually different. “Neymar said.