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Neglected demand means that the market opportunity. Data from Frost & Sullivan shows that in 2013 China sports products industry was to break through 200 billion yuan, of which annual sales income women’s products business in recent years have maintained double-digit growth, ahead of each of the other business segments.air max 90 outlet, Frost & Sullivan global partner Wang Xin, Managing Director of China, and the reporter said: “In recent years, more and more Chinese women to join the ranks of sports and fitness, female consumer groups as potential users in China sporting goods market can not be ignored , women’s sports products segment has shown a huge room for growth. With the growth of the overall sporting goods market in China stabilized, women’s sports product segment has become one of the important development opportunity for sporting goods company’s future. ”

Adidas also confirmed that external analysts judge the Chinese women sporting goods market potential, in reply to a reporter’s letter, Adidas, said: “Women category is one of our fastest-growing category, we have seen the great growth potential. Since 2013 our women’s product marketing activities, we have seen strong growth in women’s category sales, but also significantly increased the brand awareness of our target consumer groups. “is not selling product, is a social platform local brands to Market opportunities for women is not completely air max 90, 3 to 4 years ago, Li Ning Company to Lin Chi-ling as the protagonist of “InnerShine” (listen to inner voice) advertising in Shanghai subway station often seen pushing the women’s fitness products. But how do retail, so that women can get in, retain, local brands may be multinational throw off a street away. Multinational woman out of the store, not just selling products, and is the place for women to socialize.

Beijing Key Road Sports Consulting Ltd.air max white, founder Zhang said that multinational woman with multiple attribute stores, is to become a gathering place for women’s sports enthusiasts and exchange places, eventually becoming the female consumer social platform, if the goal to reach the target consumer will establish a strong consumer stickiness.

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