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“Nike major consumers or teenagers, we always want to sport in their lifestyle inside, but if there is no Nike +, then the sports and youth life today would increasingly out of touch.” When asked for Nike Nike + When significance HuangXiangYan said all white air max 90, Nike + appears timely help Nike in which era of the Internet to find their place again. Layout: combined vertical and horizontal adjustment of the digital world is to change the strategy of bringing tactical. By 2012, Nike + has been in development on a relatively flat track, but entered after 2012, Nike suddenly accelerated, all out, just one year to complete the layout in the field of sports figures.

Nike’s first step is to plan your own digital motion Kingdom territory. In February 2012, digital athletic department released since the founding of the first heavyweight –Fuelband motor function bracelet, cheap authentic air max 90,one can measure the wearer almost all daily activities of product energy consumption. Over the past against Nike + iPod is quite professional sports people, but this time through Fuelband, Nike completed the coverage of non-sports crowd, further popularized the Nike + concept.