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According to Nike, the year of official rhetoric: “Hypervenom upper used on NikeSkin.NikeSkin processing using a soft mesh material and covered with a thin polyurethane coating.” Nike was chosen later by iconic honeycomb upper, the shoe is very successful, the player widely welcomed by fans and shoes. “From the first generation to the second generation Hypervenom Hypervenom, we have made every aspect of improvements, everything becomes better.” This is the first generation Hypervenom released two years later, Nike official rhetoric, they introduced the second generation Hypervenom. But to be able to introduce new Nike high-top shoes not only joined the collar, and redesigned the materials and structures of the upper. “The players liked the first generation Hypervenom, but that does not mean we can not do better. We are not afraid to make improvements in all aspects in order to allow this to be the best soccer shoes. Hypervenom able to select a player in all respects I will not compromise. “- this is the Vice-President of Nike football shoes Max Blau during the year Hypervenom II release said.Ringing in the ears, but the 2015-16 season, Hypervenom II issues continue to be exposed.