Nike air max shoes ,this Olympics wrap up, to play a bit you

Almost did not find you might retort: ​​Nike sponsorship levels are not the lowest, ah, there is not one right below it?
Indeed there is one, but those supplies are unofficial suppliers, and there are also nonprofit hospital, apparently to provide logistical support for the Olympic Games, and can not be considered commercial sponsorship, where the official supplier Nike is actually the last business sponsorship echelon! You may be wondering: strange, it normally does not lose by Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s kind of active effort, such a low figure is really incredible ah (sponsorship levels are not high 361 °)!
Sponsorship levels low is true, but it does not really active, but according to foreign statistics website Origami Logic data August 4th to 16th, the indicators show the spread of online Nike sponsorship levels are highest win Rio Olympics global partners (Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s, etc.), firmly locked first position.
Look at the August 4 –10 days, the opening of the Olympic gold spread of Nike online (mainly social) dissemination of results:
Interactive aspects of the consumer, Nike interactions with 138,338 located in the second beat rival Adidas (86,042), nike air max,far higher than the Olympic Games as a global partner Omega (77,627) and Procter & Gamble (# 8); thumbs up and like terms, Nike also ranked first, thumbs and likes totaled 101,083, far higher than the Adidas 85,583, Omega 74,967 and Coca-Cola 57,574; the number of comments, Nike is still leading, seven days monitoring the duration in which the harvest 2581 reviews than the first two Coca-Cola was up more than 1 times; the last is the ultimate indicator of communication effects – sharing and forwarding number, Nike forwarded 34,574 times stronger hold the top spot, though Coca-Cola ranked second, but only 16,694 times. Then look at the August 11-16, regular dissemination of the Olympic race day, Nike spread performance: on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and other mainstream social media, the number of points like Nike’s share ranked first number, a total of 1.9 million times than the second place more Adidas 300,000, came in third, fourth and fifth of Under Armour, Omega and Samsung neither exceeded 50 million times; on cross-platform sharing and forwarding, Nike continue until performance , with 34,674 times ranked first in forwarding, Coca-Cola, though still ranked second, but compared Nike or less doubled the number, like Coca-Cola as a worldwide partner of the Olympic Games 4000 P & G only forwards. So, although the main sponsor Nike is not the Olympics, nor do borrow Rio Olympics logo brand communication rights, but this does not affect its Olympic marketing to win the top spot.