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From China’s 2000 elite runners and 10 runners team, in Shanghai to participate in Nike Race 2016 finals. Eventually, the men’s group of a runner in 33 minutes and 44 seconds in one fell swoop won the individual racing champion. This is the professional sports equipment from the United States led by cutting-edge Nike China running APP Yueluan lap, held in mainland China’s first free professional running events. As we all know, in the NBA regular season MVP Stephen Curry, swimming world record holder Michael Phelps, PGA professional golfer Jordan Spies has become the image of Nike spokesperson, cheap air max runners,its surge in the US market share , Almost equal to Nike, this year in mainland China, Nike Why play a professional run this card? Running is the most basic movement of mankind, in recent years has become popular in China’s most fashionable movement. According to data released by Nielsen in early 2016, 70% of Chinese respondents said their favorite sport was running. In the “running hot” rise, “running consumption fever” followed by higher. “2015 China’s running crowd survey report” shows that experienced runners average 3.7 times a year to participate in off-site competition, spending reached 3746 yuan, spent a year running on the money totaling about 6935 yuan. The average runner every year nearly 7,000 running expenses which? I believe many people are spending money on the equipment. According to the relevant person in charge of Nike, in order to run from the Chinese market to open up their own “professional range of children,” Nike this year in China specifically built 2016 Nike Race finals. Among them, the professional Nike running T-shirt as a race service to the participants free of charge. Different from the general tournament to provide OEM quick-drying clothes, Nike Race standard service suit – Streaker series running short-sleeved T-shirt, with the configuration of the most expensive products, cotton shirt than the average about 50 / RTI & gt; It is reported that, in addition to free access to Nike running T-shirt, the free entry, million Nike equipment prizes, 10 km race in China held the first line of events in many highlights, which makes the number of applicants surge all the way.