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Speaking of our sports shoes, its really more and more wild, and Nike to share, whether it is our jeans or suit pants, casual pants and shoes can be a perfect match. Nike small film explained that our sports shoes really is a permanent topic, as the handsome black long coat with a pair of pure white sneakers, do not know if you noticed pants, and type Nine-point pants trousers have become popular today’s pants products, with our sports shoes, is also a very fashionable way to wear. If you want to be different, then we can also wear a layered fashion sense, Nike small film explained that this body with the focus is that piece of exposed ankle black pants legs, our jeans with How to wear sports shoes are not wrong, so it is now a lot of fashion people like to wear the way. As well as our jeans and winter coat the perfect combination,cheap air max hyperfuse red, and now we coat and sports shoes can be perfectly combined, and that will not feel awkward, but let the fashion fine eyes brighten , As this brown jeans, of course, is the basic spouse, simple fashion has always been a must-have items, usually young and sportswear-loving men wear, youthful faction is also an excellent choice. Speaking of our white shoes, whether it is our white canvas shoes or our white sports shoes, its cleaning is always a headache, because it is not dirt, there is the time in the cleaning, if not cleaned, The whole pair of shoes just like the waste of the same feeling, so in the white shoe cleaning this piece, we still need to master a certain method of skills, then let us follow the Nike film together to learn the next bar.
First, we wash shoes, we must first Xiexie down, and then clean the soles, brush shoes before we must remember to clean the soles of our shoes, because the soles of shoes is the dirtiest place , Where cleaning is also helpful in cleaning other places, and will not put the shoes into the water on the black, so how do you brush shoes, shoes are not clean, so we have to clean the time to master Of the cleaning sequence.
After cleaning the soles, we must first soak the shoes, first put a pot of water, the water to flood the shoes, must be soaked inside shoes, or clean soap is not easy to be clear out, more likely to lead to our Shoes yellow, but the Nike small film to be reminded that the soaking time do not bubble too long, or likely to cause the shoes open plastic, about 5 minutes soak on it. In the use of shoe brush brush shoes, we should pay attention to grasp the intensity, do not force the brush, shoes, although very strong, but you excessive force will cause damage to our shoes surface, Nike shoes for small shoes recommended Toothbrush, because the shoes are not easy to brush inside, so with a toothbrush easier, clean-up is also more clean, but also can help us clean some of the edges and corners of the place. The best we have in the shoes after cleaning, we need to affix our paper towels, and Nike small film explained that we must remember to paste a comprehensive paper towels, not only the surface of the package of shoes, must be even the bottom of the bag, So we dry, not prone to yellow, for our shoes to dry, the removal of the best paper towels to wear, so that our white shoes in the next time to wear can still very white, not Yellow.