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This store covers an area of ​​609 square meters, slightly larger than a standard basketball court, the store to provide Nike basketball and JORDAN brand series of products sold, also provide Nike + try experience area (real court test shoes service), and in the past only abroad Of the T-shirt personalized customization services. In the store furnishings, Nike specially designed for the store specially designed Nike and JORDAN classic shoes show wall; store decoration using a lot of concrete, decoration also try to restore the basketball street culture, for example, Nike to take the street basketball to play the game The term “then a child”, playing the game when the buddy teammates love shouting the phrase “to the inside” and other words are brush to the wall; in the T-shirt personalized customization service, Nike is also the printing of Beijing full flavor. Zhongguancun surrounded by Peking University Tsinghua University and many other colleges and universities, but also gathered a lot of Internet companies, Nike site here, or that students and companies will be the main consumer of this store. But at the same time, Zhongguancun Europe and the United States is far away from the city center, which for its Nike brand image display and dissemination is a limitation. As the world’s first basketball experience store, Nike does attach great importance to it. On the day of opening,cheap air max buy, Mr. Dennis van Oossanen, Vice President and General Manager of Nike Greater China, also cut the ribbon for the new store. He also invited the Chinese national basketball player and the All-Star MVP Ding Yan Yu Hang to participate in the event. In recent years, Nike in a number of cities around the world opened JORDAN flagship store, in January this year, Chengdu IFS shopping mall JORDAN flagship store has just opened, Beijing store in addition to the side as a sub-brand JORDAN store, can also be seen as Nike ” Community store “strategy of the continuation.
Nike “community shop” mainly in the United States opened, the city’s local deep culture is the existence of such a form of the basis of the shop. Nike official also said: “Beijing is a rich full of more than 60 years of deep basketball background of the city.” Nike in the end of December 16 has been announced in the second quarter of fiscal year 17 financial report, the overall trend is good, Asia, especially the Greater China region , North America, the European market sales have increased, but compared to the first quarter of fiscal year 2017, Nike sales growth in many areas have decreased significantly. Basketball has been the main Nike business, 2016 due to the performance of the basketball industry downturn and sales slowdown, Nike was not optimistic about Wall Street analysts. Nike also said that the company will be on the basketball series of products to be re-designed to deal with, while lowering pricing to promote the recovery of Nike basketball business is expected to rebound in the second half of the 2017 category to resume growth. China has always been an important market for Nike in Asia.