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Many people always think that Nike is difficult to go beyond. The report also shows that in the two most important US market, Nike’s shoes market share in 2014 can reach 60%, has been reduced to about 44%. Although the market in three years has been a substantial growth,cheap air max barkleys, but this shows that Nike did not gain the upper hand in this round of growth.Nike since 2016, the Jordan product line in the earnings alone calculated. The basketball team, powered by Michael Jordan, has created a huge profit for Nike over the past 30 years. If the current sports market, the hottest “explosive” one to explain, Jordan the whole brand is Nike’s explosion, if it is the autumn of each month launched the pair of Jordan shoes led the Nike basketball business, and even the development of the brand Not for too much. Adidas growth is reflected in the field of leisure sports. To some extent, some people think that Nike and Adidas today’s war is actually a casual running shoes and basketball shoes competition. In this war, basketball shoes at a disadvantage. Matt Powell said the entire basketball shoe market volume has been declining for two consecutive years. Nike in this trend in poor condition. Under Armor and Stephen Curry in 2015 signed a strong contract diverted the NBA fans “wallet”, and the other is, Jordan shoes endless engraved has let it itself lost the original kind of exclusive and rare feeling. When consumers see the shelves are full of shoes they once liked, the purchase of the sense of urgency suddenly slowed down.On the other hand, the fundamentals are almost always in the field of television NBA has been struggling in recent years how to develop new young audience (last June, NBA and the Chinese Ministry of Education cooperation will be a new attempt). “Considering the current market situation, I bet these brands want them not to sign those players,” Powell commented. Spent heavily to sign the moment the most popular star is still one of the measures Nike can take. September Nike has just announced and Thunder guard Westbrook contract Jordan, according to ESPN quoted sources said that the renewal of the total endorsement fee to create a Jordan record – Nike too need a distinctive personality to cheer Jordan this brand The. After all, today’s young people on Michael Jordan’s resonance, apparently no more than a decade ago peers.