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The sponsorship contract that holds more and more influential top athletes – has long been seen by Nike as one of the ways to narrow the gap with Adidas in football. However, the actual gap between the two is not as big as the two numbers look like. It should even be said that there is some coincidence between the formation of the data. During the last two European football transfer windows, several striking transfer contracts Happen to happen in Nike signing player. For example,cheap air max vapor black, this week with a record 75 million pounds from Southampton to Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk; last summer, Neal Mar’s worth 222 million euros directly broke the transfer market balance, directly Brought two highly-premium contracts since Barcelona, ​​105 million euros in Barcelona, ​​Uther Mandebillas, a multi-talented striker, and 160 million euros to Liverpool midfielder Felipe Coutinho – all of them Nike Its athletes, have to say that the price behind the water is still quite high. The premium for the move to the market has reached a very high point, according to CIES Football Observatory statistics, the current transfer price of more than 100 million euros player has reached 26, the previous two years, this figure was 8 and 10 respectively. Adidas provided Manchester United with a minimum of £ 750 million worth of 10-year jerseys. Nike signed a 15-year sponsorship contract with Chelsea, which even terminated the contract with Adidas six years before the payment of liquidated damages. Jersey sponsorship of the more signing length, a large influx of hot money so that the club more able to transfer the market have more choices. In addition to the higher total price of its top players, the European top five league players wearing Nike shoes also reached a 60% share, compared with only 48% three years ago. However, these beautiful figures did not narrow the gap between Nike and Adidas in the field of football. Instead, the distance between the two started to gradually widen after 2008 and into the new World Cup year, Adidas will be more handy in the field of football. In the upcoming World Cup in Russia, Adidas is sponsoring the largest number of sports teams brand. Nike’s investment in top-class athletes is very focused, but the money in the sport market now is more often around the net-red bloggers and traffic stars, rivals Adidas has done particularly well in this regard. According to CIES Football Observatory data, the top 100 league players in the top 100 players worth 8.97 billion euros. Among them, Nike-sponsored sneakers accounted for 57% of players worth, adidas this figure was 37%, the rest by Puma and Under Armor divides.