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Recently, the United States Nike released its second quarter fiscal 2018 fiscal year earnings, conference call, “Lynx” and “Alibaba” Nike CEOMarkParker mentioned seven times. The reason, or because of the performance of Greater China is very dazzling. Sales in the quarter increased by 5% YoY to $ 8.6bn; sales in Greater China rose 16% YoY and revenues surpassed $ 1.2bn. Including Lynx official flagship store, including direct-business growth is more than 30%. Nike is seeing opportunities for high growth in e-commerce and Nike is using Lynx’s new retail as a key growth engine for its digital and global air max 95 all brown, Parker mentioned that he plans to integrate the Nike brand into the Ali platform to win the win. “China is a very good example.” “We are constantly learning. We are optimistic about expanding the capabilities of e-commerce and are confident of continued growth,” he said. 2017 Lynx double 11 the same day, Nike beat Lynx double 11 apparel card UNIQLO, and rivals Adidas, sales exceeded 1 billion mark. Trevor Edwards, Nike’s president, said: “We are partnered with Lynx Double 11, which has helped our growth strategy. We set foot in the fastest growing market, the largest shopping street, for both footwear and apparel First place. ”
In the analyst’s eyes, Nike in e-commerce platform to achieve growth, and its claim that the brand has a huge relationship. In the future, with the platform of Alibaba, the sales performance of some traditional brands in China will continue to grow. Big Data + Personalization: Nike’s New Attempt In the new wave of business, approaching consumers and understanding consumer needs has become the core requirement of the brand. In a sense, Nike is to adapt to this demand, and made a bold innovation, the core of which is the interaction and exchange with consumers. Speaking in an interview with 21st Century Business Herald, Fan Ousen, vice president of retail for Nike in Greater China, mentioned that since its opening on May 25, 2012, the Nike Lynx flagship store already has 11.437 million fans and has become a consumer and consumer Nike brand place. “We share the same vision with Alibaba as having a retail-centric retail future where the difference between e-commerce and physical business has almost disappeared and how consumers think and behave in different ways determines The way we run our business. ”
In the official flagship store, Nike members for the opening of a series of activities, such as training courses, competition activities. But also introduced a variety of customized products for the Chinese market, adding the classic elements of Chinese shoes. The Lynx official flagship store was seen as Niger official website more important channel, it can provide customers 365 days 24 hours of uninterrupted service.
Nike leveraging Lynx big data to do the more crucial attempt is wisdom stores. 2017 Lynx dual 11 eve, Nike in China opened two brands of smart stores. These two new stores have warehouse functions, in order to achieve Lynx drainage, store mention, store delivery, online and offline with the same paragraph sales and other functions. In the smart store, consumers through mobile phone Taobao integrated a member code, you can shop online for a key purchase of goods, the information will be deposited to the brand data bank, store users can be identified, can be second-touch and Operate. Through the digitization of the store’s passenger flow and the opening of the online and offline membership system, Nike can provide individualized services to consumers on a large scale. To take full advantage of real-time data from platforms such as Tmall, Nike has set up a digital studio in Shanghai focused on exploring creative sales opportunities for faster growth. In an interview with 21st Century Business Herald, Tung Ben-hong, CMO of Alibaba Group, said that Lynx’s new retail business is constantly reorganizing people, goods and markets. Tmall will continuously strive to create consumer-centric retail and help more brands to realize Overlay online and offline growth. Lynx’s collaboration with Nike enables consumers to understand brands and products in a fresh and digital way, creating a unique Nike consumer experience that is fast, easy, personalized and enjoyable. With the globalization strategy of Alibaba, more and more international brands are expected to take digital reformation through Tmall to compete better in the Chinese market. For sports consumer products, China has a huge market space, visible dividends have always existed, the competition is particularly fierce. However, in the annual Lynx double 11, Nike ranked fifth in total sales – behind Apple, Xiaomi, Glory and Haier. In fact, Nike also became the first apparel brand to break the 1 billion mark in double 11 sales since 2009.