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In April 2016, Nike Basketball official microblogging released a message, NBA star Kobe Bryant, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to win when wearing a pair of Nike basketball shoes engraved version, will be limited to sale. Nike in the Chinese official website claimed that this heel with Nike’s patented zoom air air cushion. The fact that the exposure is: this shoe heel no air cushion! After being exposed, Nike (China) official microblogging statement, said Nike Hyperdunk 2008 FTB shoes with the wrong propaganda information. For consumers who have purchased the problem shoes, recover the goods at the same time a one-time full refund and provide RMB 4,500 yuan. Nike will return from within 3 days from April 3.

In this regard, the Beijing Consumer Protection Law Research Association Deputy Secretary-General, China University of Political Science and Law Associate Professor Zhu Wei analysis,air max 90 black denim, Nike’s international famous brand shop big bully, the implementation of double standards of Chinese consumers phenomenon, in recent years occur. The same section of shoes, China’s prices to go beyond hundreds of dollars abroad, but also no air cushion. The mainland version of the car than the European version of a lot of reduction, IKEA home recall shows the discrimination against Chinese consumers, Apple mobile phone market time to wait and so on, all reflect the foreign brands to Chinese consumers is a double standard, Quality, listing price, time and after-sale protection, there are a lot of discrimination clause.

As early as 2011 there are consumers found in China sales of “Hyperdunk 2011” basketball shoes, forefoot than the United States with the lack of air cushion. Consumers reported that Nike’s explanation is also a propaganda error, given the solution is also a full refund. But the Beijing Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau after investigation that NIKE company against the Chinese consumer rights, its out of the 4.87 million yuan ticket.

On March 30 this year, Tang Jun, deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, met with Mr. Hao Hongren, senior vice president of Nike. Tang Jun stressed that foreign enterprises operating in China to comply with Chinese laws and regulations, attach great importance to product quality and safety reputation, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.