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Nike is using a radical strategy to make themselves more flexible and throw off the opponent. June 15, Nike announced that it will cut about 2% of the global manpower, and cut its brand a quarter of the shoes. It is estimated that the layoffs will involve 1,500 employees.air max black leather sneakers,The pressure may come from Adidas. Although Nike still maintain the first market share, but Adidas from 2015 after catching up to let Nike have to speed up the pace. The reorganization of the layoffs will include the business unit will be reduced from six to four. Nike said the reorganization of the purpose is to focus more on key markets and digital sales, and bring faster market reaction speed. In the establishment of key cities, Nike and Adidas to take the same strategy. Nike will focus on 12 key cities, including London, Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris and New York, which are expected to contribute 80 percent of Nike’s growth performance by 2020. And digital sales are more electric and mobile side of the innovation, such as the recent Nike launched SNKR Stash, can help shoes lovers to find some special Nike shoes retail stores. This App can also let you see where the city where there are similar shoes inventory. As Adidas and Nike calculated fiscal year in different ways, can not directly compare the results of both sides. But Adidas 2016 quarterly and Nike in March this year released the third quarterly report in 2017 shows that although Nike’s revenue is still ahead of Adi (8.4 billion US $ 50.04 billion), but in the growth rate, Adi to 12.5% ​​is much higher than 5% of Nike, gross margin, Adi to 48.8% more than Nike 44.5%. Nike’s global futures show that the next six months, retailers from Nike set the number of goods fell 4%, especially in the US market, they are tightening supply to give priority to the backlog of inventory.
Last month, Bank of America Merrill Lynch released the latest report shows that its decision to maintain the Nike Group underperformed the market rating, the target price of only $ 42. The bank said that Nike’s current inventory is too high, the market share gradually Adidas swallowed, the core of high-end product sales weakness, so that the competition with Adidas advantage greatly reduced. A small number of investment banks have lost confidence in the future potential of the Nike Group and are turning to pessimism.