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With the upsurge of the trend of movement, walking in the forward position of the fashion ICON is no longer limited to fashion week, advanced customization, began to have to fashion the streets, and choose to integrate into a wide range of sports elements of a single product, by virtue of their deep with the foundation, easy to win Other opponents, exclusive fashion Ngau Tau!cheap air max 2017 shoes,And as the trend of clothing brand, adidas Originals has been respected the original spirit, and by virtue of its never devoid of creative inspiration, won the trend of people love. This season, the trend of clothing brand adidas Originals in the well versed in the premise of fashion trends, the movement elements into the popular dark aesthetics, with a number of dark style image to create a large fashion, interpretation of the new Tubular series in September, making a wave of new wave In addition to Angelababy personal interpretation of the women, for example, she used a adidas Originals Tubular series September new black sports jacket, with the same color of the sports skirt, Diablo is simply not too strong And then with the clothes on the distribution of the classic white brand Logo logo and three bar design, black and white, but exceptionally harmonious, showing a simple but not simple fashion Fan children! In the men’s side, the Japanese street people Tsukiyama Chou-tai as an example, its black as the main colors of the shape, black berets, black T-shirt supplemented by white adidas Originals pattern as embellishment, exceptionally conspicuous, this time with a black nine points Sports pants, street feeling instantly exposed. Fashion style changes, everyone can enjoy the “fashion” rules and practices, just choose their own love of the street style, you can start a dialogue with the fashion. And from the streets of the radical design of the adidas Originals Tubular series of new products in September, it is to the dark style as the keynote, highlighting the different avant-garde personality attitude! Nike has traditionally not rely on discount promotions. In fact, the world’s largest sports brand never need to discount promotions. Just, that is not the case. In the case of slowdown in demand in the United States, the sports shoes giant announced on its website for more than 200 kinds of products for 48 hours promotion, price cuts up to 40%, including high-end Jordan brand products. Groupon also posted a discounted advertising. According to a survey released this week by Piper Jaffray, American teenagers are giving up Nike and have chosen Adidas and Vans’ products. Nike is still the most popular sports brand in high-income teens, and 46% of respondents choose it. However, this is down from 51% a year ago. Adidas’s audience almost doubled to 11%; Vans fans increased by 3 percentage points to 12%. Once very prosperous American sports shoes and sportswear industry this year to accelerate the landslide. On the one hand, non-sports brand launched sports products, bring more competition. On the other hand, the popular fashion wind for many years is changing. Nike’s quarterly North American sales fell 3%, and sales in the third quarter are expected to fall again. Nike shares fell 2.7% in the past 12 months. But not the worst in the main peers. Under Armor and Foot Locker shares fell more than 50% over the same period, the S & P 500 index is the worst of the two constituent stocks.