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If the past year, adidas do right, it is probably from the product design and hunger marketing are firmly grasp the young people. From the Instagram, microblogging star red photos, to adidas official website of the pre-sale code, and then to the door around the young people queuing up the store shelves, adidas with young idol and hunger marketing combination to create one after another By the consumer favorite products. In order to improve the competitiveness of the brand in the market,cheap air max express shoes, Nike decided to increase investment in product technology innovation, and put forward “Triple Double” program. The plan includes doubling the speed of current Nike product updates, in order to speed up the introduction of new products, will refer to the fast fashion model, the update cycle from a few months to a few weeks, and reduce the supply of each product. Mark Parker pointed out that the current Nike about 75% of sales from the Nike Style, to reduce the category of 25% of the shipments is conducive to stimulating consumer shopping desire for the product. Some analysts have pointed out that this means that Nike will follow adidas last year’s very successful hunger and thirsty sales strategy.
At a conference call with analysts, group executives were struggling to try to reduce their business plans, saying they would improve their consumer experience by organizing fitness, running, and increasing the frequency of interaction with consumers. Mark Parker expects the purchase of the consumer to triple its current level after the program is implemented. As the fashion headlines published, Nike in the US stocks opened after the crash fell more than 6%, the market value fell below 90 billion recorded 899 billion US dollars.