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The reason why Nike was despised, because in the running world too much emphasis on boast, rely on a strong marketing to operate some shoes, occupy a considerable part of the entry runner market. If these entry consumers have been in the “entry” stage, may also continue to choose nike products, once their level of slightly increased, it is easy to divorce or even cast aside the brand. In fact, from the major domestic marathon, we can easily find the half-horse in the whole line of the finish line, you will find nike running shoes share is very low. Obviously, this circle is to vote with their feet. To AIR MAX, for example, almost nike running series boasted the pinnacle. On the weight, far beyond the same type of air max griffey 360, Although the latest AIR MAX 2015 through a variety of weight loss, but still reached 12.9 ounces of about 365 grams of weight (US10, same code asics kinsei only 330 grams). On the buffer, almost no energy feedback, there is no appropriate compression over (that is, we often say that the soft). On the flat feet, varus and valgus and other special physical condition, there is no more corresponding to the help. Running shoes technology is already quite mature today, the air cushion can be said that is completely not suitable for running shoes, and nike still rely on their strong design and market operations, the AIR MAX series operation was impressive, destroyed countless people. Of course, if the bright show is your needs, I actually speechless. Of course, Nike has always been the main fashion, just like buying a professional jacket will not buy the same TNF. Just give an example, Nike will not be the same as Asics shoe-like size of the corresponding shoe size, will not allow customers to test the foot, Nike is mainly fast-selling market.
ASICS running shoes, for example, the product line is very clear. Support series and cushioning series and full control series, corresponding to different types of arch. Top and sub-top series, corresponding to different weight types. Shoe last width from 2A to 4E, enough to adapt to a variety of foot fat thin. On a variety of competitions also have professional shoes, the more famous iron three shoes and marathon shoes tiger go. But running 5 km or 10 km or less, itself is very thin people, shoes for running the impact of the difference is not so obvious. If it is often long distance, itself is a big weight, then the disadvantage of NIKE is obvious, and this is precisely the professional running shoes should have. Guidance Line?: Can effectively guide the heel to toe position, providing a smooth and comfortable jogging journey, but also can reduce energy consumption and delay fatigue.
Trusstic System ?: I usually call it the bridge. It is generally superimposed on the foot in the resin parts, to strengthen the strength and toughness, improve stability. The first of the bridge is a relatively thick plastic sheet (my NIMBUS 7 is so), the bridge is now much thinner than before, and completely covered by the previous form into a strip, I feel that the strip material and MIZUNO WAVE sheet material close. Space Trusstic System ?: The hollow bridge. This technology than the bridge technology update, this technology is more like MIZUNO WAVE technology, but is used for the arch part of the heel part. AHAR: Outsole technology, the first known as the AHAR, then evolutionary AHAR +, now collectively referred to as AHAR, and its intended to achieve the maximum wear soles. Personal feeling AHAR technology than MIZUNO’s X10 and New Balance N-durance to wear. DURASPONGE? OUTSOLE: This technology is AHAR rubber forefoot. DUOMAX? SUPPORT SYSTEM: anti-tilt device, double density bottom, only for the stability of the Department of running shoes and support the Department of running shoes. I.G.S. Impact Guidance System: patented shock-absorbing system, which is a technical package collectively. Stolen that the purchase of ASICS running shoes at least have I.G.S. logo running shoes, which is a series of integrated use of technology signs. SOLYTE: cushioning in the end material, 30% lighter than the old spEVA, 50% lighter than the standard EVA.