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Reference to Nike, you first think of what? Running, basketball, sports shoes or Jordan, Liu Xiang, Li Na? If your response to these, you really need to re-understand the company. In fact, we can not see Nike as a traditional sports brand company, you can put it as a fashion sports sales – from concept to lifestyle, to supporting products, high-tech service companies. In the local sports brands are still battered when the inventory, Nike has been actively embracing the industry changes brought about by the Internet. In Nike, inspiration will be embodied in a variety of forms, including innovative products and a variety of common sports performance. But in recent years, a global digital sports and fitness community has developed into a new core of inspiration for Nike. October 22, including two tennis Grand Slam champion Li Na, cheap nike air max 1,Olympic gold medalist Ellison Felix and other 27, including the world’s top athletes gathered in New York, Nike unveiled its new spring and summer of Nike Women Series, this is the first time in the global Nike so large-scale promotion of its women’s sports series. Nike began to attach such importance to female consumers, overweight women business growth, the main driving force behind not only traditional data research or experience to judge, but Nike found that its Nike + Training Club application has been downloaded 16 million times, of which 9 million Yes Women have downloaded the Nike + Running app. Rely on its online sports community and digital platform “Nike +” is adjusting the product strategy and sales targets, Nike, this is not a special case. Earlier, on September 26, in Shanghai, Nike announced the launch of a new zoom air series of running shoes, and the demands of different points, Nike’s flagship “run faster” to improve the running speed of its products The main selling points, and even invited the 2012 London Olympic 10,000 meters champion Mo Farah and Galen Rupp to share their experience for the Nike running shoes. Just speed demand, the surface looks like there is no special, but in time for the new season before the domestic marathon boom, and as more and more young runners to join, Nike’s marketing strategy is quite subtle. Behind each new product or marketing strategy behind the decision is different from other sporting goods companies still rely on professional athletes, third-party data research and other means to collect data, Nike’s unique social sports platform Nike Nike is becoming a new product design, marketing and promotion Business decision-making an important basis. In the Internet age, Nike can not just a traditional sports brand company, and build their own online sports community, deeper and more directly involved in consumer life, master their data, accurately grasp their needs, with their pulse beating To establish a new type of more in line with the characteristics of the Internet age, Nike is striving to launch the digital revolution, their fight into a fashionable fashion – from the concept to the way of life, to complementary products, high-tech services company. Nike this year in the latest quarter of running shoes product promotion, why the main selling point is “run faster” and not the other? Nike + data research, Nike found that with the first stage of China’s runners are more concentrated in the 40-year-old middle-aged people out of their health concerns began running different in Nike’s social movement online, more 19-year-old Of the runners, their own composition of the young running group, upload their own data, can not run faster, the pursuit of speed as its main goal, apparently, Nike’s new product demand is closely followed its needs.