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In fact, since the group’s first trendy cool running contest held over the prince has recommended a lot of running shoes, some by foot election, some selected by function, these shoes are different brands in the most popular sports enthusiasts high Yen the value of running shoes.
But the market become ever more finely, bigger and professional, even Nike brand has begun to us to do specialized running shop, a huge 2-story store, selling only running equipment, this is the best embodies Nike professionalism. Boss is the boss, Nike sense of innovation and provide consumers with the most professional services pursuit, let Nike running shoes to become a professional runner’s choice. Today, we take stock of what “Nike Legion” unique charm of those professional running shoes. Below each pair, we have a shop oh. When all the brands are constantly reinforced to protect the feet or suspension movement when, FREE series as an innovative era, introduced the concept of training athletes barefoot, their feet made from reinforced start! By restoring the natural movement of the foot, barefoot simulation training, to strengthen the resilience of the foot, the degree of flexibility and balance, the muscles become more robust!,nike air max 90 mens green, NIKE FREE series combines training, flexibility, protection of one three functions, introduced at different levels for different training purposes, 3.0 representing complete barefoot running 5.0 flexibility is similar to a traditional running shoes, barefoot closer to the lower model, the stronger the higher offer supportive. Zoom Air series of running shoes in addition to sharp, balanced also stressed functional stability, but also through the air to put in a different position of the sole to achieve different effects, such as air-cushion at the forefoot is easier to enhance the speed, air cushion in the heel more conducive to the smooth pursuit. In NIKE AIR ZOOM PEGASUS 32, for example, it’s in the bottom 10 mm gap around the palm, whether high arches or flat feet, high-quality CUSHLON can create soft foam cushioning sensitive performance and superior support performance. Flanking rubber outsole adds cushioning designed to broaden the area of ​​shoe prints, green rubber waffle outsole excellent abrasion resistance and excellent grip, allowing runners to control a variety of strong ground! LUNAR technology to achieve a good soft light and elastic response doubly balanced, the comfort and fit of elevated to an unprecedented level. At the same time able to adapt to sprint from squats and other high-intensity action and expand the training of high intensity training. NIKE LUNARGLIDE 7 has two dual-density midsole, into the inside of the flexible PHYLON, add soft side LUNARLON foam, stable support, elastic cushioning. Close to the heel dynamic support platform eliminates the traditional design of the inside of the load, for smoother steering experience. The outsole according to the pressure during running carefully designed curved grooves make operations more flexible. From everyday runners to Suo Lani • Flanagan such elite runners are LUNAR series fans who Oh! Air Max NK is highly sought after classic series, marking the beginning of visible type of technology. Each generation of Air Max shoes are improved before, based on its superior cushioning ability to provide protection for the feet as well as the appropriateness of the knee, which is, in each and every veteran runner’s heart is highly evaluated . For example, NIKE AIR MAX TAILWIND 7 from heel to toe complete integration into the AIR-SOLE cushion, combining soft CUSHION foam, creating a smooth, flexible, comfortable wearing experience. If you are a veteran runner, I believe you certainly missed one pair of shoes inside AirMax.